A house full of feel-good atmosphere

Ambience at Tramser Hof

Idyllic on the outside, cosy on the inside: the Tramser Hof is the perfect place to feel comfortable.

In the foreground you can see a romantic pond, in the background there are the spectacular Tyrolean mountains that will take your breath away. And in between you can find the Tramser Hof, offering its guests a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere both outdoors and indoors.

One of the factors creating this cosy atmosphere is the kindness that you will feel in every encounter with our team; another one are the elegant furnishings.

With their harmonious colours, all the warm wood and their homely cottage style they create what everybody is looking for in their holidays: a relaxed ambience to feel comfortable in.

Where your
holidays begin

As soon as you arrive, you will already feel a bit more relaxed.

The wonderfully idyllic location of the Tramser Hof may be one of the reasons for this. Another one is the laid-back atmosphere in our lobby and at the reception. And you will get the same feeling of easiness at the hotel bar, in the sun room, in our restaurants and in our room.

Deep sleep,
sweet dreams.

Both are important to relax.

In our cosy rooms equipped with high-quality furnishings in a cosy Tyrolean cottage style you will find everything you need for relaxing nights and good mornings.

Where indoors and outdoors become one

Also when you are indoors, you can enjoy the tranquility of the landscape and the spectacular mountain panorama at the Tramser Hof. To do so, you only need to make yourself comfortable in our conservatory. It combines the comfort of being inside with the great view of the surrounding nature. Also the shady garden with its old lime trees or the spacious sun terrace are areas where you will definitely start dreaming and swooning over the wonderful location of our hotel.

Here you can find
pure relaxation.

Our spa area with sauna, steam room, sanarium, infrared booth and Kneipp basin as well as luxurious water beds is a place just made for relaxing. Just enter, let go, relax – fantastic!

Our partner company: House St. Gerold